The medical centre of Islamic University started its activities firstly at Gazipur campus in the year 1986. It was shifted from Gazipur to Kushtia town in 1990 and thereafter shifted to the ground floor of the first faculty building at Islamic University campus. In the year 1995 on 29th August, a separate building for medical center has been founded in the campus which is situated in a wonderful healthy place near the attractive colorful University Lake with magnetic features. Here in this medical centre, we have 11 doctors with professionalism and 27 other staffs.

The services offered from this centre to all students, teachers, officers, other staffs and their dependents are- one stop emergency service, outdoor and indoor (observation only) services, 24 hours ambulance service, medicine, pathology, solography, ENT, minor surgeries, counseling and motivation. We also offer preliminary treatment of gynecology and obstetrics. We have modern eye equipments. During University central admission test we take special measure for applicants. Moreover, we try to provide health services incase of all emergencies. The service is open for 24 hours. The present honorable authority of the University has been setup an additional floor of the medical centre for the extended service.