Message from The Vice Chancellor

 Message From The Vice Chancellor

We strive for higher standards. That’s our motto. For about three decades and a half, Islamic University, Kushtia Bangladesh has been trying hard to maintain standards on higher education and research. It is the only university in Bangladesh where a specialized stream of theological studies and six other of humanities, social sciences, applied sciences, engineering, business and law are running parallel. It is a thriving university which focuses on the generation and dissemination of knowledge and attaches equal importance to classroom teaching and research. Islamic University embraces global quality assurance mechanism to boost the power and professionalism of the teaching and nonteaching staff with a view to ensuring quality education and research through the deployment of ICT facilities. We have a four cycle educational system where programmes are offered at Honours, Master’s, MPhil and PhD. Courses are designed on an intended learning outcomes(ILO) basis and the curricula incorporate viable teaching/learning pedagogies, core values, lifelong learning competencies and interpersonal skills. We try to gain the stakeholders’ confidence by way of creating a sustainable culture of transparency and innovation. IU excels at producing graduates in thirty three high-need subjects which give them broad career choice. Besides, the IU Alumni associations help keep all our far-flung graduates in touch. On the way to internationalization, IU looks forward to forming partnerships and fostering relationships with universities across the globe. We are making great strides in quest for quality culture and academic excellence. We are determined to transform our beloved IU into a world class university (WCU).

CV of professor Dr. H. Rashid Askari

Professor Dr. H. Rashid Askari                                                        

Vice Chancellor