Message from the Former Pro Vice-Chancellor

 Message from the Former Pro Vice-Chancellor

Islamic University, Bangladesh is a comprehensive public university of Bangladesh wholeheartedly committed to inspirational teaching, discovery, and services. We work together in a homely atmosphere of the coordinated rural and urban green to generate creative ideas. As a community of dedicated stakeholders, we help individual students question critically, think logically, reason effectively, communicate clearly, act creatively, humanly, and live ethically. Since its foundation in 1979, this University has been earning very prestigious appreciations for providing quality education and for imparting the ideals of academic excellence, sense of discipline and high moral and cultural values, leading to the development of integrated personalities. The vision of the University is reflected in its faith that education is a process of awakening individual potential to creative knowledge inculcating in them the desire to excel in numerous disciplines. I must note that the Islamic University, Bangladesh has produced a lot of standard graduates who have occupied many dignified positions in different sections of the state and in the global context.  

Our ultimate goal is to go for excellence in every sphere of education keeping up with the need and style of the present generation of learners in this age modern technology. There is a great opportunity here to transform this University into a melting pot of diverse modes of learning: scientific, social, humanistic, legal, commercial, physical, and moral. We devote our efforts to ensure standard education for the students, so that our graduates might grow into the next generation of transformational leaders and informed participants to serve the community, the country, the world. We seek to enrich the human condition through collaboration, teaching, mentoring, scholarship, experiential learning, creative inquiry, scientific discovery, outreach, researches and public services. Islamic University, Bangladesh is also working towards the academic excellence in line with the Vision 2021, Vision 2041 and Delta Plan 2100 under the worthy and abled leadership of our honourable Prime Minister Mother of Humanity Jononatree Sheikh Hasina.

In an effort to keep up with our vision and mission, we have already stretched out our hands around and have made academic bridges with reasonable number of renowned universities around the world to enforce fruitful collaborations with a view to enriching the globalized experiences of our students and academics alike.

 CV of professor Dr. M. Shahinoor Rahman

(Professor Dr. M. Shahinoor Rahman)

Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor