Appointment of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be appointed by the Chancellor on such conditions and for such period as the Chancellor may determine, and he shall be a whole-time officer of the University. At any time when the Treasurer is absent or is unable to perform the functions of his office due to illness or some other cause, the Chancellor shall on a report by the Vice-Chancellor make such arrangements for the performance of the functions of the Treasurer as he may deem fit.

Powers and Functions of the Treasurer

  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for proper management of the financial matters of the University, and shall ensure that all moneys are expended for the purpose for which they are granted or allotted.
  • The Treasurer shall, subject to the control of the Syndicate, manage the property and investments of the University.
  • The Treasurer shall present the annual budget and the statement of accounts before the Syndicate for its consideration.
  • All contracts shall be signed by the Treasurer on behalf of the University.
  • The Treasurer shall exercise such other powers as may be prescribed by the Statutes and the Ordinances.