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The Information, Publication and Public Relations Office began to operate at Islamic University in December 1988 Keeping in view the idea that public relations is a management practice of decision-making that builds relationships and interests between organization and their public based on information provided through a method of fiduciary and ethical communication. This office works with the objective of forming an impressive image of the university in front of the academic arena at home and abroad. The nature of job at this office entails anything and everything for preparing the communication materials including event management on national days, anchoring programs, publication of research journals, media planning, printing pocket diary, brochure, desk, table, and wall calendars and publication of Islamic University Barta (A quarterly bulletin) etc. On the other hand, issuing press releases and composing features on university activities with a view to building a strong and rewarding relationship with the electronic, print and online media, and public are among our major responsibilities.

Public Relations office firmly believes in the current work ethic of Islamic university which is on its way to internationalization. We are working tirelessly to give the university authority proper assistance towards achieving their objectives. We are hopeful that we shall be able to earn this university a solid and sustainable international acclaim by way of rendering honest and diligent service on a regular basis.

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Md. Ataul Hoque

Deputy Director

Information, Publication and Public Relations Office

Islamic University

Kushtia, Bangladesh