Message From Head

Since its establishment in 2017, International Student Affairs Cell (ISAC) has been striving to be a full-fledged entity to provide quality services to the foreign students who seek to get admission in different undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Islamic University, Bangladesh. It has been working as milestone to accelerate the teaching-learning atmosphere of Islamic University through the exchange of ideas, views, manners and practices of multi-cultural students. Islamic University which has already been established as one of the best public universities in Bangladesh is especially famous for its teaching-learning environment prevailing at its green campus ‘far from the madding crowd’. It is the best place to explore ones intellect through the collaboration of teaching-learning and innovative research. Its competent teaching staffs, multi-media and virtual class rooms, resourceful libraries, high-tech research laboratories, international standard hostels ensure an excellent environment for generating the potential of the students. ISAC has been working as a gate-way to secure one-stop services for the international students like admission, visa-support, tuition fee waiver, managing hostels, medical assistances, scholarships etc.  As the head of the International Student Affairs Cell, I extend heartfelt congratulations to all the foreign students studying at Islamic University, Bangladesh and would like to welcome those who wish to seek admission in the upcoming academic session (2018-2019) of the undergraduate programme whose admission notice is now available in the website:

(Prof. Dr. Shahadat Hossain Azad)


International Student Affairs Cell (ISAC)