The central library, King Fahad-bin- Abdul Aziz Library, housed in a three-storey building, is one of the largest libraries in the country. The library holds a collection of more than 103408 books, including bound volumes of periodicals. In addition, it has a collection of over 30,000 manuscripts in various languages and a large number of microfilms, microfiche and CDs. It subscribes to over 19,029 current foreign journals. The library is a member of Bangladesh University Grants Commission Digital Library and of many other international consortiums. Through UDL it has been linked with 13 E-Publishers (ACM, Emerald, JSTOR, IEEE, Wiley, Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press,Pearson Education, SAGE, Springer, T&F and World Scientific). Besides, there is the opportunity of remote access to EBSCO Discovery Service and RemoteXs and Digital Library Access Centre has been established where adequate number of computer services havebeen added and a latest model Barcode Machine has been established.

 At a glance

  • Name of the library building: Khademul Haramain King Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz Central Library.
  • Service year started: 1984-1985
  • Main library building opened dated on 25-08-1995
  • Area of library building: 32,320 Sft.
  • Seat Capacity: 600
  • Library Hours:   Saturday-           Wednesday

                                         9.00 am              8.00 pm

  • No. of Books: 1,03,408 copies
  • No. of Journals: 19,029 copies
  • E-Books-3,100 copies
  • E-Journals- 31,000 copies

           Subscribed by UDL (UGC)              

The library users are using the following eminent publishers journal like as ACM, Emerald, JSTOR, IEEE, Wiley, Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, SAGE, Springer E-Book, T&F, World Scientific.

  Daily News Paper

    National (Bangla Version)-14 Copy

    National (English Version)-06 Copy

   Weekly Magazine

    Bengali Version-01 Copy

    English Version-01 Copy

    Bengali Version-01 Copy

    Monthly Magazine

    Bengali Version-03 Copy

    English Version-01 Copy (Foreign)

   Quarterly Magazin

  • English Version-01 Copy (Foreign)
  • P.H.D Thesis-371 copies
  • M. Phil Thesis- 547 copies
  • Library staff- Total= 63
  • Officer- 29 (Professional- 16)
  • Ministerial staff- 34 (Professional-02)
  • Others facility of internal library
  • Muktijuddoh Corner
  • Ekushey Corner
  • Bangabandhu Corner
  • Library is covered by CC Camera
  • Internet/Wi-Fi is open for all users office time