Khaleda Zia Hall

Facilities / Hall


The main aim of establishing university is to propel university of education. Ensuring healthy accommodation for the university students can make the education system more effective, enjoyable and comfortable inside the campus. Islamic University was established with a view to the nobel cause of spreading education and the establishment Khaleda Zia Hall was a part of introducing co-education in this university. This hall is situated at the south-west part of the campus. Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall is on the south, a broad road on its Estern side, a beautiful lake on North and a large open space is available on the western side of this hall. Thus, Khaleda Zia hall is situated amidst green natural beauties. Trees of diverse types and colours with green field add extra beauty to this hall. Moreover, one must feel heavenly in the beautiful flower garden of the hall.

 In the session 1990-91, 73 female students got admitted in Islamic University for the first time. Obviously, hostel for female students became a necessity and in March 1994, the construction work of the first hall for the female students started with the area of 2232 square meter. The constrution work ended in may 1995. The name of the hall as Khaleda Zia was taken on 8 June, 1995 in the 108th syndicate meeting of the university. On 29 August of the same year, Khaleda Zia Hall formally started its activities.

At present, 1469 students are attached to this hall and 721 students are staying as residential students. Besides, there are rooms for provost, house tutors, officers, clerks and general employees. Rest of the rooms are used as dining, store, TV room, reading room, prayer room, cultural room and library room as well. There is a large decorated guest room at the main gate of this hall. Moreover, for co-curricular activities, there is a green room and an open stage in this hall.